Using Images from Compfight

For the Year 6 Student Blog Challenge we had to learn how to post an image and how to make sure it isn’t copyright. Just because you want an image of the internet to put on your blog doesn’t mean you are allowed to. These images are copyright which mean you can’t just take them and say they are your own. You have to reference them but instead there is an easier way. If you use the Compfight plug-in you can get images for free that other people have allowed you to use. This is because they have the creative commons license and they don’t mind if you use their work. To get the Compfight plug-in, go to your dashboard> Plugins> All> Compfight Safe Images and then activate. Then when you next add a post above the “B I ABC” There will be a button which says Compfight and you just click on that. It may take a minute or 2 to load but after that all you need to do is search, choose the size and lucky for you, it references itself. I hope you have learnt about using images and understand how to use the Compfight plug-in.

By Ishani Sood

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